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Cold Weather Running

When you’re a runner, and you live in the North (Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa and Wisconsin) to name a few states, you know that if you’re gonna be outside all year long, staying warm is vital to your success and health!  You can cruise the super information highway all day long for advice on how to achieve warmth in the cold, but your best bet is to let the local experts at your run specialty shops show you the proper gear for wherever you’re living.  This short blog should serve as a helpful tool for those that do not live close to a run specialty shop, and need a little guidance.

  1.  You know yourself better than anyone else.  Make sure you’re layering properly!  It doesn’t hurt to have several pieces of apparel ready for varying temps.  If you’re typically the hot type, just be prepared to have some ventilation in your apparel.
  2. I’m a wool fan, but not just any wool!  Check out merino wool products, which wick amazingly well, maintain their insulating properties, even when wet, and most importantly, DO NOT ITCH.
  3. In the cold, stay away from cotton!  Cotton maintains your sweat, and can be ultra concerning if you “break down” during your run or become exhausted.  Cotton acts like a sponge, and will likely become saturated when you sweat.  If the external air is colder than your body, you will not feel warm because you’ve lost the insulation property you need in clothing.  This can lead to more serious problems such as disorientation, hypothermia or even potential for death.  I do not maintain that these things can’t happen with wool or other fine wicking materials, but in terms of preparation, mitigate your potential failures!
  4. Hats, hand protection (mittens / gloves), balaclavas, Buff headwear, proper technical running socks, like the ones carried right here at State of Run, and a myriad of other products are available to keep your body’s temperature regulated.  Again, best to have an assortment for the different conditions you’re running in.
  5. Shoes:  Boy… I could go on and on about proper footwear, but to spare you, I’ll just say, the most popular brands in run specialty (Brooks, Saucony, Asics, Mizuno and Nike) all have a gore-tex option, or their own proprietary weather proofing materials for warmth.  Definitely best to try before you buy

In final, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.   We’re happy to help guide you in the right direction.  Trust that we’ve been there, and are happy to make suggestions or give advice as we all need from time to time.  Most importantly, don’t shy away from getting outdoors and enjoying the run.  If you’re out there in the wicked cold, we admire your toughness!